Organising the flowers for your wedding can be stressful and expensive.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Why shouldn’t you have something unique into which you have had creative input?  We can create something really special and it doesn’t have to be constrained by budget.

From bridal bouquets and button holes to extensive floral decorations and detailed design, all requirements can be catered for.   We are happy to meet you for a non obligatory discussion.


Every company or individual wants something that makes an impact, otherwise why have flowers at all? This is where we believe ‘detailed design’ and originality come into play. Flowers really can make an impact whether it be in enhancing your brand design or accentuating the aim or message of your event. Each event is treated as an individual project; be it a launch, conference, dinner or party.

Personal Events

Whether the occasion is a special birthday, anniversary, christening or even a one off chance to celebrate, we can ‘work together’ to create something right for the occasion. You have many options and many levels of impact available to you that can be created to meet your particular budget.

Regular Refreshments to Home and Office Arrangements

On your instructions and budget we will refresh the flowers in your home or office. This can be as often as you require and we are happy to advise on the longevity of flowers and aim to provide you something that will last for as long as you want it to. The result is a stunning display that compliments its surroundings. At present this service is restricted to the South West London area.