I like what you do - what do I do now?

Get in touch for a free, non-obligatory chat. We would love to hear your ideas or share some of ours, and we can take things from there. 

What do your flower arrangements cost?

It all depends on what you want! We recognise that people have different demands and budgets. We can work within whatever limits you set, and can advise on how to get the most from your budget. 

I don't really know what I want, can you help advise?

Yes! Some of our clients have a strong idea of exactly what they want, but many others come to us without any idea. Through our initial consultations, we'll work with you to determine colours, styles and flowers that will fit your personality and budget. 

Who needs a buttonhole?

This is a million dollar question! Typically, buttonholes are for the groom, best man, ushers and fathers, but don’t forget any other men in the bridal party.

Do we pay for the hire of your vases?

No, this is all included in the cost of the arrangement as long as they come back to us at the end of the event. Unfortunately we do have to charge for breakages.

Is there a delivery charge?  

There is a small charge for delivery of your arrangements.  Collection of vases after your event is free.

Will you be on site during the wedding?

Not unless you want us to be!  Once everything is set up we tend to disappear. It can be arranged for someone to be present during your event but this would be chargeable.

Can I keep the arrangements afterwards?

This depends on the arrangement - anything that is not in one of our vases/containers is yours to keep. If you want to give your table arrangements away at the end of the night let us know and we can bear this in mind when we share our ideas. If needs be, the cost of the container can be included in the cost.

Where can you provide floral arrangements for?

At present we work across London and in the South West Home Counties. 

Will you need to visit the venue?

We have a pretty good knowledge of most venues in London. As long as we have looked at your proposed venue online there is not really the need for us to visit. If you would feel happier with us having been there, we are happy to come along on one of your visits. There would be a small charge for this.

Are you VAT registered?


Do you know any good photographers?

We come across a lot of great photographers, but here is a small selection of photographers we like and who are very friendly:

Mirella Baio - www.mirellabaiophotography.co.uk

Damian Bailey - www.damianbailey.com